Expertise in the research of best fit technologies for your specific requirements, combined with the ability to communicate the value proposition in an understandable manner, results in your success. Clear solutions communications are delivered through papers, blogs, web content, and/or training, based on your needs. Content can be packaged and delivered in any combination of written, audio, video, or in-person to achieve the best results for your target audience. This service set is leverageable by both solutions seekers and solutions providers. A meeting to discuss requirements leads to research, the results of which are then presented in the most advantageous format for your organization.


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Current and recent research projects include:

  • High altitude platforms, tethered and untethered (balloons, high altitude aircraft, and high altitude winged devices.)
  • Raspberry PI based project
  • Alert and Notification platforms- Digital IF- Sensors
  • Data storage in motion
  • Conference Bridging and Automated Recall

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